Fire Fighters And Their History

ancient firefightersThe earliest accounted fire-fighting equipment was in the time of ancient Egypt where this machinery was used to put out fire. In the history of fire fighters, a man from Alexandria named Ctesibius had been considered one of the earliest proponents of battling fires. He built a water pump around the third century BC. However, there is substantial evidence that firefighting began in ancient Rome during the rule of Augustus. Marcus Licinius Crassus was the first person who established a fire brigade which was composed of 500 men. Crassus came from a wealthy family who further amassed wealth by creating a business that involved putting off burning buildings at a cost. If the Crassus and the property owner are not able to agree on an amount then Crassus fire brigade will leave the property on fire.

This idea triggered Augustus to create a similar brigade that would combat fires that have plagued Rome. This was the beginning of the history of fire fighters who were ready to battle fires not as a money making opportunity. Augustus brigade was called the Vigiles or the bucket brigade as people passed around buckets filled with water to put off a burning property. The idea of having a fire brigade spread out and Europe created their own guet bourgeois under the rule of King Saint Louis. It was like a community night watch which was not only watching out for fires but also crimes. But King Charles IX discontinued this after several fires have devastated Europe. By then, he only let the kings assigned night watch men to do the checking instead of the residents.

In 1666, the worst fire hit London which is now known as the Great Fire of London. This year was not only part of the history of fire fighters but this made birth to the idea of insurance companies creating their own fire brigades to protect their clienteles properties. In the 17th century, the first fire engine was created wherein the suction and pump was introduced by a German inventor named Hans Hautsch. As to the fire hose, this item was credited to its Dutch inventor named Jan Van Der Heyden. More innovations and inventions were introduced later on which made firefighting more efficient.