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Not sure what mortgage is right for you? We can help! We have loans for each purchase situation: an initial mortgage of 3%, no points / no fees, giant mortgages, a program for home buyers for the first time and others.

Mortgage options


Fixed rate mortgage benefits

Your payments will not change
Ideal if you want to refinance your loan
Excellent if you plan to stay at home for a longer period
Adjustable rate mortgage benefits (ARM)

Lower payments during the first years of your mortgage loan
Ideal for when interest rates remain stable
Ideal if you plan to move or pay your mortgage
Fixed / adjustable benefits (hybrid)

Payments lower than fixed mortgages, plus a lower risk than an ARM
Ideal if you want to qualify for a higher loan amount
Ideal if you plan to sell within the fixed rate period

Mortgage extinguisher

It is the perfect mortgage to have your home for free and clear faster while saving a package.

Low and fixed rate
Develop equity quickly
Pay less interest
Fixed characteristics of 10 years:
Primary residence only
Without prepayment penalties
We provide service to all our mortgages
70% loan to value (LTV)

Investment properties

Investing in real estate for rent is a great way to generate an income stream. When buying at the right price and in the right place, the asset can bring high returns with minimal risk.

Financing options:
Mortgage of fixed rate of 15, 20 and 30 years
15-year fixed-term mortgage – 50% LTV
Maximum loan amount $ 417,000

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