forest fireBuilding and house fires are one of the most devastating tragedies that a person could go through. So whether you are a homeowner or renting a place, finding local fire stations should be one of the first things to remember. Some people put their local fire stations phone number on speed dial or even place these numbers on easily notes or memos in their homes. For those who pay more for fire safety, they have smoke alarms or fire detectors systems that are connected to their local fire stations. This type of system can directly send out an alarm to the local fire station without having to dial a number.

If you have recently moved to a new neighborhood, the first thing you must keep in mind is to know the emergency phone numbers in your local area. Start finding local fire stations near your new place. Even so from the start while you are still checking for a new home, make this step as part of your research. Get to know the place before even deciding to reside there. It pays to know where is the nearest hospital, fire station, clinic, grocery, school, and other government facilities when you are searching for a new home. This is part of any practical guide to surviving in a new place. Being familiar of the facilities and emergency numbers in a new place can definitely save you from the hassle and unexpected dangers in the future.


Those with little children, make it a habit to jot down the important emergency hotline numbers and addresses of hospitals and government facilities and agencies. As part of your priority list while moving in to a new home, put finding local fire stations on your top three. Always take note of the routes and the important places by putting legends and markings on a local map. For fire prevention and safety information, you may also do a research about the basics of keeping your home fireproof. Know which materials are flammable and find out how you can store these safely. Also, be more careful about residences that are near forests and bushy locations as forest fires can also be very devastating not only to property but also to your health. Thanks to our local attorneys for help in getting the word out.