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Home is where your heart is, along with a good portion of your net worth. Your home is one of your most important investments, so be sure to protect it with an insurance policy for homeowners. Go to FIS to get the best coverage at the best rates.


Not sure what mortgage is right for you? We can help! We have loans for each purchase situation: an initial mortgage of 3%, no points / no fees, giant mortgages, a program for home buyers for the first time and others.

Mortgage options


Fixed rate mortgage benefits

Your payments will not change
Ideal if you want to refinance your loan
Excellent if you plan to stay at home for a longer period
Adjustable rate mortgage benefits (ARM)

Lower payments during the first years of your mortgage loan
Ideal for when interest rates remain stable
Ideal if you plan to move or pay your mortgage
Fixed / adjustable benefits (hybrid)

Payments lower than fixed mortgages, plus a lower risk than an ARM
Ideal if you want to qualify for a higher loan amount
Ideal if you plan to sell within the fixed rate period

Mortgage extinguisher

Do you want to pay your loan faster? Quickly extinguish your mortgage with our 10-year fixed mortgage.

It is the perfect mortgage to have your home for free and clear faster while saving a package.

Low and fixed rate
Develop equity quickly
Pay less interest
Fixed characteristics of 10 years:
Primary residence only
Without prepayment penalties
We provide service to all our mortgages
70% loan to value (LTV)

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Investment properties

Investing in rental properties is an excellent way to generate an income stream. When purchased at the right price and in the right place, properties can yield solid returns with minimal risk.

Financing options:
Mortgage of fixed rate of 15, 20 and 30 years
15-year fixed-term mortgage – 50% LTV
Maximum loan amount $ 417,000

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forest fireBuilding and house fires are one of the most devastating tragedies that a person could go through. So whether you are a homeowner or renting a place, finding local fire stations should be one of the first things to remember. Some people put their local fire stations phone number on speed dial or even place these numbers on easily notes or memos in their homes. For those who pay more for fire safety, they have smoke alarms or fire detectors systems that are connected to their local fire stations. This type of system can directly send out an alarm to the local fire station without having to dial a number.

If you have recently moved to a new neighborhood, the first thing you must keep in mind is to know the emergency phone numbers in your local area. Start finding local fire stations near your new place. Even so from the start while you are still checking for a new home, make this step as part of your research. Get to know the place before even deciding to reside there. It pays to know where is the nearest hospital, fire station, clinic, grocery, school, and other government facilities when you are searching for a new home. This is part of any practical guide to surviving in a new place. Being familiar of the facilities and emergency numbers in a new place can definitely save you from the hassle and unexpected dangers in the future.


Those with little children, make it a habit to jot down the important emergency hotline numbers and addresses of hospitals and government facilities and agencies. As part of your priority list while moving in to a new home, put finding local fire stations on your top three. Always take note of the routes and the important places by putting legends and markings on a local map. For fire prevention and safety information, you may also do a research about the basics of keeping your home fireproof. Know which materials are flammable and find out how you can store these safely. Also, be more careful about residences that are near forests and bushy locations as forest fires can also be very devastating not only to property but also to your health. Thanks to our local attorneys for help in getting the word out.


firefighterSeveral communities especially those located in the outskirts may need volunteer fire fighters due to the lack of resource human resource. If you are a willing citizen, have an able body, and technically skilled in some ways; you can train for firefighting by asking your community fire brigade about their requirements. Firefighting can be a very rewarding career because you are not only doing your job but you are also saving lives. If you are interested in taking a different course of action in helping the community, you can train to become a volunteer firefighter by contacting your local fire service brigade. You may check online the National Volunteer Fire Council and inquire if there are any available spots in your local community. Some of the best vitamin c serum on the market comes from Find where to buy pure moroccan oil for hair to keep it looking great.

As a volunteer fire fighter, you may be required to do over 100 hours of training. But before you will be accepted as a volunteer, a background check will be conducted. The screening process will depend on what type of task will be most suitable for you in the fire department. Some volunteers may not be doing the front line task of putting off fires as there are also clerical and administrative tasks that could be assigned to them. For those who are deemed fit to train as a firefighter, the length of training varies but you will likely have to spend over 100 hours on a certified course.

Find out more on how you can help the community and be a productive citizen as a volunteer fire fighter. You may also prepare yourself by going through physical training to improve body strength, flexibility, and overall performance. It is a requirement as a fire fighter to be fit and healthy. Hence, fire fighters must lead a healthy lifestyle to strengthen their immune system. Fighting fires do not only deal with courage but it takes to have a strong and able body to carry on the hard labor. Aside from being physically strong, you must be quick minded especially in facing a difficult situation at work. Volunteers are also expected to have the presence of mind during emergency situations as there is really no telling what may happen.


fire volunteerFirefighting is considered one of the toughest professions which is also dominated by males because of its major requirement for physical and technical skills. Yet, the most heartwarming thing about firefighting is that there are people who donate to local fire stations to maintain or to upgrade their communitys firefighting facilities. Because of the professions strict requirements on having the right skills and having an able body to become a firefighter, those who are interested to become a firefighter must undergo training and should continue to go through constant skills enhancement programs. Despite this, as a citizen, we can still do our own steps in protecting our homes and the community from disastrous fires.

There are a lot of information from fire prevention forums and community bulletins that will equip us with the right knowledge and skills in preventing and fighting off fires. Aside from this, there are volunteer programs or even events where we can donate to local fire stations to help them in their daily expenses or a facility and equipment upgrade. Other cities may have a good funding from the state, but there are other communities that need better funding perhaps due to a lesser population. Nonetheless, each community or city needs to have the same level of preparedness as to the equipment, facilities, and human resource when it comes to firefighting. Fire fighters need to be in top form and can use a garcinia cambogia extract supplement for added benefits. Forskolin dr oz is the best fat burner for you.

Volunteers in firefighting may also be needed especially if there is a great disaster in your area. These volunteers may not really have to be on the front line in putting off a burning establishment but they can also help the fire victims back in the community centers. You may also donate to local fire stations some clothing, food, common over-the-counter medicines, blankets, towels, and other necessities to help the fire victims who may need a temporary home at the community center. You may also check the bulletins at the community center to find out how you can help your communitys fire brigade in protecting and serving the common good. It is also best to do some reading about how you can prevent fires and disasters in your homes especially during summer time when the temperature is too high and the risk of house and forest fires is also high.


There ought to be some hard, unarguable facts in the midst of the diabetes confusion to which a patient or his family could turn for an answer. There ought to be some scientific basis on which to judge. In fact, that is not necessarily so.

docNo one knows what causes the disease, which is one reason AlivebyNature always says to talk to your doctor before taking any new supplements or medication. All thats known is that the diabetic is not able to handle efficiently the sugar in his system. Instead of turning sugar into energy, the diabetic accumulates it until it spills over into the urine. The kidneys work overtime to get rid of it, stealing water out of the system until the patient becomes horribly thirsty and the body is dehydrated. And since the diabetic is not getting energy from sugar or carbohydrateshe must get it somewhere. So his system begins robbing itself. It takes energy from fat, and in the process it pours out dangerous byproducts of fat usage that can accumulate fatally in the bloodstream. Do you know about vitamin c serum lightening?

All this may happen because of the irregular supply of the hormone called insulin, manufactured by the pancreas and vital to the metabolism of sugar and other carbohydrates. In diabetes, the body may not produce enough insulin, or it may somehow use up too much of it. Or it may destroy insulin too fast or harbor some chemical that makes insulin inactive.

So the doctors alternatives in therapy are to reduce the intake of sugar through dietary control, to inject insulin to help burn sugar, or to give an oral drug that will stimulate the body to make more of its own insulin. The choice depends not only on the nature of each persons disease, but to some degree on the physicians philosophy. Typically, diabetologists differ. For although diabetics can be considered to fall into three treatment categories, doctors differ about which ones go into which group.

There are obvious cases in which nothing is needed accept avoidance of sugar, pastry, soda pop, and spaghetti. But for patients who need to control their diet more closely, one doctor might provide general dietary rules while another may make the patient precisely weigh all food. Then there are borderline patients who might be able to manage by diet alone but for whom some doctors prefer to prescribe insulin or one of the oral ant diabetic agents.

Finally, there is a distinct group of patients who have juvenile-type, or brittle, hard-to-control diabetes. For these patients, the discovery of insulin, and its use as a drug to substitute for the bodys own lack of insulin, was of incalculable benefit. But using insulin this way still has major drawbacks. Even though there are long-acting insulins that are slowly released into the system throughout the day, they cannot suddenly be released in largeror smalleramounts at times when the need for insulin changes.

This means, for instance, that the insulin-taking diabetic, regardless of the mildness or severity of his disease, must eat his meals strictly on schedule. Food eaten too soon on the heels of other food means too much sugar, and the insulin cant handle it.

A late meal means a sugar shortage. Without dietary sugar to work on, the insulin turns to the carbohydrates in the brain and nervous system, and if it consumes too much, shock occurs.
One diabetes expert says the hardest patients to manage are newspapermen and executives, because the demands of their work so often interfere with meals. Many an executive has dropped, unconscious, outside the elevator because the men he was supposed to lunch with got tied up too long, this doctor says. Abnormal activity or loss of sleep can do the same thing. So the insulin-taking diabetic with unstable or brittle diabetes walks a thin margin between coma and shock.

A drug that could help the body produce insulin, only when needed, was bound to revolutionize the treatment of the disease, as did the discovery of insulin itself. And that is just what happened in 1957, when Orinase (tolbutamide) was made available by The Upjohn Company. Some 20,000 people had received it in long, controlled tests. Today, about 1.5 million diabetics in the United States alone are taking Orinase or one of the drugs that followed it.

These include three modifications of tolbutamide: Diabinese, manufactured by Pfizer Inc.; Dymelor, made by Eli Lilly and Company, the worlds leading supplier of insulin; and Tolinase, also produced by Upjohn. All these drugs are members of the sulfa family. An entirely different drug, called DBI, or phenformin, is supplied by the USV Pharmaceutical Corp. These drugs together have had an unprecedented effect on the treatment of diabetes. Not only have they appeared to be remarkably effective in certain types of patients, but they have been amazingly free of ill effects.

Yet now a group of scientists says tolbutamide may be dangerous. What does it mean? Just what has been found?


fire fighter dietKeeping the body fit and the immune system strong are one of the two most important requirements of being a fire fighter. One must know the typical fire fighter diet if you are planning to take firefighting as a profession. Fire service is one of the most challenging and physically demanding professions in the world as you will be facing danger every time you respond to a distress call.

Firefighting is one of the most physically demanding jobs in the world and for those who are interested to join this profession there is a need to know how fire fighters stay in shape to face their difficult tasks. Firemen have the responsibility to keep their bodys fit and in good shape especially that they are expected to face the most dangerous and devastating disasters which may not only involve burning buildings and forests. Many will utilize essential oils for weight loss.